Big Boys does the job right the first time with the right product. Not just a cheap gutter guard from the hardware store.

The right Gutter Guard for your house is an investment in protecting your biggest asset against:

  • vermin in the gutter and roof space
  • flaming embers during bushfires
  • water damage from overflowing gutters.

BIG boys only install CSIRO approved gutter guards called Ultra Guard (metal or PVC).

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Are you tired of worrying about keeping your gutters clean from leaves, debris and pests?

Are you looking for a permanent cost-effective long term solution that works?

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By not protecting your gutters you risk having your most valuable investment, your building, destroyed. Did you know that by not protecting your gutters you maybe at risk of:

  • Voiding your Roof and Gutter warranty
  • Bushfire Destruction
  • Water Damage
  • Personal Injury
  • Contaminated Water Supply
  • Diseases such as Dengue Fever


An UltraGuard Gutter Protection system is your ideal solution for ensuring your gutters remain clean and unblocked year round with minimal maintenance. Our system works by placing a length of mesh which extends from the roof out to and over the gutter, creating a ski-slope effect whereby all leaf and debris simply slides off the roof by gravity.

  • Clean unblocked Gutters year round
  • Tried & Tested for over 20 years
  • Reduces Bushfire hazards
  • Keeps Leaves, Debris and Pests out of your gutters
  • Excellent for Rainwater Harvesting
  • Suitable for all roof types
  • Protects both Gutters and Valleys. providing full roof protection
  • Fully Compatible with all roofing materials
  • Extends the life of your Gutters and Valleys
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For the complete protection of your Gutters and Valleys against bushfires, insist on UltraGuard Aluminium Mesh. UltraGuard invented the Aluminium Mesh system for use on all roof types and was the pioneer in ensuring that its Aluminium Mesh met the highest Australian Standards.

Our Aluminium Mesh

  • Suitable for all Bushfire Prone Areas
  • Recommended for use in all BAS Levels (LOW,12.5,19,29,40 and FZ)
  • Complies and Exceeds Australian Standard AS3959
  • Tested by CSIRO with a fire rating of 0
  • Approved by Councils Australia Wide
  • Preferred choice of leading builders
  • Available in over 25 colours and sizes


All UltraGuard Gutter Protection materials are produced to the highest possible standards, ensuring that you are guaranteed of a quality performing product year round. A copy of these documents can be obtained by contacting your supplier or UltraGuard directly.

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Be Bushfire Ready This Season

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